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Seqüestro de Carbono

Axel Michaelowa`s Joint Implementation page
Calvert Climate Change
Carbon Counts Estimating Climate Change Mitigation in Forestry Projects
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center-CDIAC
Carbon Initiate
Carbon Sequestration-US DOE
Central & East European Environmental Investiment Fund
Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Clean Energy Finance Newsletter
Climate, Biodiversity, and Forests
Dexint- EV
Directory - Finance & Banking
EarthEnterpriseTM Finance
EIF - European Investment Fund - Home Page
Emissions Inventori
Emissions Marketing Association
Energy Finance
Environmental Bankers Association
Environmental Defense
Environmental funding, environmental grants, Trade development, environment, environmental problems, grants program environmental goods and services.
Evaluating Carbon Sequestration Projects
Export Credits
Export Credits in the World
FondElec Group Inc
Forestand Land-use change carbon sequestration projects
Getting it Right : Emerging Markets for Storing Carbon in Forests
Guert Home Page
International Emissions Trading Associations
IFRRE and &Co
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change-IPCC
Ji Online
Minding the Carbon Store
Mitigating Climate Change Through Forest Management
Natural Resources International
SAM Sustainability Group
SGS Forestry
The Berne Union Home Page
The Environmental Protection Agency
The Global Carbon Cycle
The Nature Conservancy
The U. S. Global Change Research Information Office-GCRIO
UNEP ETU Financial Services Sectors Publication
Word Bank Carbon Trading Initiative
World Bank Finance & Guarantees
World Bank Prototype Carbon Fund
World Resources Institute